Alcon presents a state-of-the-art artificial tear for the dry eye

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lcon has presented its new range of ophthalmic tears for dry eye, Systane Complete, within the framework of the Congress of the Spanish Society of Ocular Surface and Cornea (SESOC)..

Systane Complete is an artificial tear with nanotechnology capable of treating all layers of the tear film, thus relieving the symptoms of all types of dry eye.

The product has advanced technology for the supply of hydration and lipids, maintaining the integrity of the tear film, thanks to the phospholipid nanoparticles that are distributed along the lipid layer, restoring and stabilizing the lacrimal structure.
El Professor José Manuel Benítez del Castillo, head of the Ocular Surface Unit of the Clinic Rementeria, has highlighted "The importance of resorting to a treatment capable of covering all the patient's needs. Precisely, this new tear is a

complete solution that provides the part of lipid that is missing from the eye, so that makes the tear does not evaporate so easily. "

The new artificial tear improves moisture retention, promotes hydration and stabilizes the aqueous layer. In addition, the slow release of its lipid nanoparticles that cover a larger ocular surface achieving more lasting relief.

The dry eye, an invisible pathology

The dry eye is a pathology that affects an 344 million people in the world although the 55% of those who suffer it have not yet been diagnosed.

For Benítez del Castillo, "The dry eye is often treated as an invisible disease, since its effects are not always perceptible. However, those who suffer suffer visual impairments in both the workplace and the staff. Therefore, the expert places emphasis on "The benefits of an early diagnosis by the ophthalmologist to control its effects in time and avoid the worsening of the pathology, a fact that contributes to a substantial improvement in the quality of life of the patient".

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